About Samara

IMG-4083Samara Hana is a yogi and a dreamer with unwavering love for children. She has been following her passion for children’s development and conscious parenting since 1999 when she arrived to London at barely 19. Upon her first encounter with an autistic little girl, she knew where her joy was. She was lucky to come across the Son-Rise programme for autistic children, a developmental play approach to bridge the worlds of adults and children. She is currently a specialist tutor in a project supporting autistic children without a place in an educational setting.

Her yoga journey started off with hatha yoga but later on she discovered kundalini yoga and trained as a teacher with International School of Kundalini Yoga in 2013 followed by Starchild Yoga in 2014. She studied Special Yoga for Autism and ADHD in 2018 with amazing Jo Manuel.

She has an absolute love and admiration for the little ones and is very excited for the future they bring. In her classes she creates an environment of acceptance and space where children are being seen and heard while learning tools to grow in self-awareness and self empowerment.