Follow your child’s cues

My favourite aspect of teaching yoga to children on a spectrum is that planned lesson very often goes out of the window and instead turns into intuitive flow. Their physical capabilities, moods and motivations vary greatly. It is the ability to notice and follow the cues that determine the effectiveness of the class.

One of the first questions to ask is ‘Do they need high or low arousal poses?’ For example, recently I taught a class in a group setting, I had a set of postures in mind but after a third pose the whole class seemed uninterested sitting with their backs to me, their energy low. I wasn’t going to get any further. I switched to high arousal poses, we stood up and got the energy going with some whole body vigorous moves. The room came alive. From then on it was a spontaneous flow of poses dictated by their smiles and participation. It was them who showed me what they need and I only felt honoured to serve them in this unique situation. 

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