Hi! I am Samara and I teach yoga to children, teenagers and young adults. Yoga offers techniques for developing and sustaining physical, emotional, mental and spiritual awareness.  It is building this kind of awareness that I believe prepares children for a happy life.

I am currently specialising in working with autistic children. I am based in north London and teach yoga based on StarchildYoga methodology rooted in kundalini yoga and Montessori education and Special Yoga for Autism and ADHD.

‘All the kids loved it. I asked them what was their favourite thing today and they all chose yoga. Roma even said that she wanted to become a yoga teacher and asked if that was your career and what she needed to do to become a yoga teacher. She said that you have been very nice and wanted you to come again next week.
I was extremely surprised about her being so excited about something. This is the first time she actually loves an activity!’

– Martha, team leader at Resources for Autism